5 Skirts Under $30 That Make For Perfect Disney Outfits


When it comes to Disney fashion, I always find myself trying to put together different ways to style my favorite small shop t-shirts or ways to disneybound on a budget. In the process, I absolutely fell in love with wearing skirts to the Disney parks. Not only do they add a little more glam to an outfit, but they are also incredibly comfortable to wear!

I have purchased 5 skirts that I absolutely love and continuously style for my Disney outfits. The quality of these skirts is amazing, and I highly recommend you add these to your Disney wardrobe. Below I’ve linked (in pink) where to buy the skirts as well as some of the shirts and accessories in my outfits. Enjoy!

Black Skater Skirt- $13

Nothing goes with more outfits than a classic little black skirt! I’ve been able to pair this skirt with so many Disney t-shirts as well as Disneybound outfits, like Mrs. Incredible. If you’re looking to invest in just one skirt, I highly recommend this one.


Silver Sequin Skirt- $30

This probably my favorite skirt of all time because it gives every outfit that extra sparkle! The light silver color of this skirt goes perfectly with so many Disney t-shirts and should be in the wardrobe of every Disney princess.

 Shirt & ears:  Magic and Mice

Shirt & ears: Magic and Mice


Yellow Skater Skirt- $13

This skirt might look familiar because it’s the same brand as the black skater skirt. So far, I have this skirt in 3 different colors because I love it so much and plan on buying more colors in the future.

 Pooh ears:  Amazon  $10

Pooh ears: Amazon $10

 Shirt:  Amazon  $13  Belt:  Amazon  $9

Shirt: Amazon $13

Belt: Amazon $9

Gold Sequin Skirt- $20

Just like the silver skirt, this gold sequin skirt adds that extra bit of magic to an outfit! This color is especially good for holiday outfits like Christmas or New Year’s Eve.

Neon Green Skater Skirt- $13

I love bold and bright colors, which is why this neon green skirt is so much fun! This skirt is especially good for planning Toy Story Land outfits since it’s full of neon colors.

 Shirt:  Amazon

Shirt: Amazon

So there you have my top 5 favorite skirts to wear to Disney. I hope you liked the outfits, and I can’t wait to see how you style these skirts!

Until next time,

Xo, Chelsey

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