20 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Italy

Italy was even more stunning in person than I ever dreamed! After watching many movies that showed the wonders of Italy, like the Lizzie McGuire Movie and When In Rome, I knew one day that I had to visit.

I got to explore a few cities during my recent trip and each one was awe-inspiring in its own unique way. Riding a gondola in through waterways in Venice, taking in the colorful buildings of Cinque Terre, and making a wish in the Trevi Fountain in Rome were just a few magical moments that I experienced.

We also can’t forget to mention one of the best parts of visiting Italy, the food! Just thinking of the homemade pastas, pizzas, and gelato in Italy has me wanting to plan my next trip. If you’ve been debating booking a trip to Italy, I highly recommend just going for it! You’ll find it even more magical than you imagined.

Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts on what I wore in Italy, what to pack, and how to solo travel in Italy.

Xo, Chelsey

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