10 Harry Potter Outfit Ideas to Wear to the Wizarding World

Hello my fellow wizarding friends! I don’t know about you, but for me it doesn’t get more magical than a trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Walking around Diagon Alley casting spells, exploring Hogwarts castle, and drinking Butterbeer all sound like the perfect day.

But my favorite part of trips to the Wizarding World is planning magical outfits to wear! If you’ve got an upcoming trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and are looking for cute outfit ideas, this blog is for you. I’ve included many different types of Harry Potter outfits including Honeyduke’s, Hogwarts House Uniforms, Beauxbatons, and many more! I’ve also included the links so you can easily shop all these looks.

I hope you love these Wizarding World Outfit Ideas!

1. Honeyduke’s Harry Potter Outfit

featuring chelsey from @fandomfashionista

It doesn’t get more magical than Honeyduke’s candy store! Honeyduke’s is one of my favorite places to visit at the Wizarding World for many reasons including the beautiful colors and delicious treats! This Harry Potter outfit incorporates both of those things. I started the outfit off with this bright pink, fuzzy sweater from Madison+Mallory (seriously the comfiest thing ever!) I accessorized with this gorgeous Honeyduke’s Crossbody Bag from Loungefly. I can’t begin to tell you how obsessed I am with this purse! This outfit is perfect to wear to the Wizarding World and would make for the absolute cutest pictures at the Honeyduke’s shop.

shop the outfit

Pink Sweater: Red Dress Boutique (similar)

Honeydukes Crossbody Purse: Loungefly

Honeydukes Book: Amazon

2. Queenie Harry Potter Outfit

featuring Morgan from @morganstark__

Next, we have this adorable Queenie outfit from my friend Morgan. I am a huge fan of Queenie from the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie, and Morgan did such a great job of putting together an outfit that perfectly captures Queenie’s style. This beautiful pink robe is a replica of Queenie’s dress in the movie, and you can add Queenie’s wand to round out the perfect outfit!

shop the outfit

Queenie Robe: Amazon

Queenie Wand: Amazon (only $14)

3. Always Harry Potter Outfit

featuring Chelsey from @fandomfashionista

This “Always” Harry Potter outfit just gives me all the feels. I’m obsessed with this magical shirt from Glitter Ever After which displays one of my favorite Harry Potter quotes, “After all this time? Always”. I love this shirt because you can easily style it so many different ways. Here I paired it with a gingham skater skirt and high top Vans!

shop the outfit

Always Harry Potter Shirt: Etsy (similar)

Gingham Skirt: Amazon (similar)

Interactive Elder Wand: Universal

High Top Black Vans: Vans

4. Hedwig Outfit

featuring Chelsey from @fandomfashionista

This next outfit is for those wishing to add a bright pop of color to your Wizarding World outfits! I still can’t get over this gorgeous pink star cardigan from Madison + Mallory. It just makes any outfit so colorful and fun. But let’s not forget the real star of the show here, our favorite owl Hedwig. This Hedwig Backpack is the perfect Wizarding World accessory! Not only is it a great size to carry to the parks, but the white color can pair easily with many different outfits.

shop the outfit

Pink Star Cardigan: Amazon (similar)

Hedwig Backpack: Amazon (similar)

Black Crop Top: Amazon

Time Turner Necklace: Amazon

5. Hogwarts House Outfit

featuring Stephanie from @themagicalblonde

For this Hogwarts House Outfit, we have our Gryffindor Queen Stephanie! She’s wearing this cute Hogwarts tee from Seeker and Slade that says “Meet me in the common room”. And she paired it with these adorable red pants to rock that Gryffindor style! She always has the cutest Harry Potter outfits, and I love that she incorporates her house colors!

shop the outfit

Hogwarts Common Room Shirt: Seeker & Slade

Red Plaid Pants: Amazon (similar)

6. Wonder Witch

featuring Shawna from @magicallyshawna

My friend Shawna put together this truly magical Wonder Witch outfit! It doesn’t get dreamier than this outfit which features the most adorable Love Potion purse from Danielle Nicole. Not only does Shawn slay in this Wizarding World outfit, but she also created the shirt! I’m blown away by the beautiful design that has the Wonder Witch on the front and features a Love Potion bottle on the back of the shirt.

shop the outfit

Wonder Witch Shirt: Etsy

Polka Dot Tights: Amazon

Love Potion Purse: Danielle Nicole

7. Fleur Beauxbaton Cosplay Outfit

featuring Lauren from @theprowitch

I’ve always admired the Beauxbaton ladies from the Goblet of Fire movie and absolutely LOVED their school uniforms. Lauren put together the ultimate Fleur Beauxbaton outfit. Look how absolutely gorgeous she is! She completely captured the Beauxbaton uniform by putting together beautiful blue shades and topping it off with their signature hats.

shop the outfit

Fleur Beauxbaton Hat: Amazon

Fleur Beauxbaton Shirt: Chic Wish

Fleur Beauxbaton Skirt: Chic Wish

Fleur Hat & Cape Set: Amazon (similar set)

8. Deathly Hallows Outfit


I put together this next outfit to show off the Deathly Hallows! The second I found this Deathly Hallows 2-piece set, I fell in love! Not only is it super gorgeous with the pattern and beautiful blue accents, but the best part is that it’s only $20. Such a good deal! With this amazing hand-carved owl wand from the Wand Shoppe, I was able to add a bit more magic to this Wizarding World outfit.

shop the outfit

Deathly Hallows 2 Piece Outfit: Amazon (Only $20)

Deathly Hallows Necklace: Amazon (Only $5)

Owl Wand: The Wand Shoppe

9. Hogwarts House Outfit

featuring Chelsey from @fandomfashionista

For those of you looking to represent your Hogwarts House at the Wizarding World, this next outfit is for you! I’m a proud Slytherin, so I always try to wear my house colors when I can. What I love most about this outfit is that it is completely interchangeable depending on your Hogwarts House. Magically Styled offers these “Head Witch in Charge” shirts in all Hogwarts House colors, and these plaid skirts from Amazon come in different colors too! This is a great way for you and your friends to plan matching outfits to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter while each representing your own Hogwarts House.

shop the outfit

Hogwarts House Shirt: Etsy (similar)

Plaid Skirt: Amazon (available in all Hogwarts house colors)

High Top Black Vans: Vans

10. Love Potion Outfit

featuring Rachel from @raevenclaw_yogi

The last outfit is this Love Potion outfit from my sweet friend Rachel. The main stars of this outfit are these adorable Love Potion shoes that Rachel’s shop hand paints! Her shop also makes other Harry Potter shoes, which are so perfect for the Wizarding World. Rachel completed this dreamy Harry Potter outfit with a fuzzy pink cardigan from Target that looks super comfy!

shop the outfit

Love Potion Shoes: Poppin Corks Designs

Fuzzy Pink Cardigan: Target

Black Crop Top: Target (Only $5)

Time Turner Necklace: Amazon (similar)

I hope you’ve enjoyed these Harry Potter outfit ideas to wear to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Be sure to check out more of my fandom outfit ideas on the blog below 🙂

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links above are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I earn a commission if you make a purchase. I would never recommend anything that I don’t love, and the money goes to keeping up this blog. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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