Zenon Disneybound Outfit

My all-time favorite Disney Channel Original Movie is hands down Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century. Zenon was such an icon of the 90’s with her girl boss attitude and killer style. I was so excited to put together this Zenon outfit that would showcase that classic Zenon style! I hope you guys love this stellar outfit, and that it gives you inspo for your next Disney outfit. I’ve linked all the pieces so it’s easy to shop. So let’s check it out!

Zenon Shirt- Glitter Ever After

Zenon was known for all of her lunarious catch phrases, but the best by far was Zetus Lapetus. Glitter Ever After completely nailed the whole vibe of Zenon with this shirt. The neon colors are so pretty and the catchphrase is written with glitter. All of things that Zenon loves! This shirt just brings me back to the fun style of the 90’s. Every Zenon lover definitely needs to add this stellar shirt to their wardrobe.

Neon Skater Skirt- Amazon

Sticking with the 90’s neon vibes, I paired the Zenon shirt with this neon green skater skirt. If you follow me on Instagram then you’ll know how obsessed I am with this skirt. I’ve been able to plan SO many fun Disney outfits around this skirt, and every time it adds a bright and bold pop of color. Zenon would definitely approve!

Galaxy Bag- Amazon

This Galaxy Crossbody Bag is the perfect accessory to any Zenon outfit. One of the most exciting parts of the Zenon movie was seeing what it would look like to live in outer space. I remember absolutely loving the space station she lived on, and being blown away when Zenon snuck out watch the solar flare. So this Galaxy purse definitely incorporates her love of space into a Zenon outfit.

Neon Green Converse- Poshmark

I knew I had to add these neon green Converses to my Zenon outfit! They go so perfectly with the neon skirt and were super comfortable to wear around Disneyland. Converse unfortunately stopped making this version, but there are so many for sale on Poshmark that you can buy (and are probably much cheaper).

Pink Glitter- Uniglitter

To add the final touch to this Zenon outfit, I added some pink face glitter. Can I just say how happy I am that glitter is coming back in style? Really I’m happy that 90’s style, in general, is coming back. Everything back then had such fun and bright colors. This Uniglitter is so easy to wear and a little goes a long way. So you should definitely think about adding some to your Zenon outfit!

shop the Look

Zenon Shirt: Glitter Ever After

Neon Skirt: Amazon

Galaxy Bag: Amazon

Neon Converse: Poshmark

Glitter: Uniglitter

I hoped you liked this Zenon outfit! It’s such a fun Disney outfit to wear to the parks, and a great throwback outfit to the 90’s. You can check out more Disney outfit ideas below!

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links above are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I earn a commission if you make a purchase. I would never recommend anything that I don’t love, and the money goes to keeping up this blog. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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