Little Mermaid Disneybound Outfit

Wanting to plan your next Disneybound outfit? A Little Mermaid Disneybound outfit should definitely be at the top of your list. Ariel has always been one of my favorite Disney characters. So planning an outfit around her was such much fun! Not to mention that the majority of us have always dreamt about being a mermaid (it still could happen, right?).

I’ve put together a Little Mermaid Disneybound outfit that’s perfect for your next Disney trip. The colors are so bright and bold. Plus you can get super cute pics with the Little Mermaid ride it in the background, or better yet, a picture with Ariel herself! I hope you love this Little Mermaid Disneybound outfit.

Kiss the Girl Shirt- Etsy

This Little Mermaid shirt from Etsy is not only cute, but it also showcases the lyrics from one of my favorite Disney songs Kiss the Girl! I love that you’re able to customize the shirt and font colors. I chose to go with a purple shirt and green glitter font to stick with the classic Little Mermaid colors. This shirt definitely works great for a Little Mermaid Disneybound outfit.

Mermaid Skirt- Amazon

The next item that you need for a cute Little Mermaid Disneybound outfit is this mermaid skirt. I am completely obsessed with this mermaid skirt! It makes all my mermaid dreams come true with its beautiful colors and how shiny it is. The skirt is very comfortable and pairs so well with the Little Mermaid shirt. I highly recommend this mermaid skirt for your next Little Mermaid outfit!

Mermaid 3D Ears- Magic Mountain Ears

These 3D Mermaid ears are some of my favorite ears ever! If you haven’t bought 3D ears before, you definitely should give them a try. They add a whole new element to any outfit. I absolutely love this purple seashell design and am obsessed with the green sequin bow. These are the ultimate Little Mermaid ears to add to a disneybound outfit!

Little Mermaid VHS Purse- Etsy

It’s always fun to add a cute purse to any disneybound outfit. This Little Mermaid VHS purse was actually made by my mom! I’m so obsessed with this purse. Not only is it adorable, but I absolutely love the nostalgia of the VHS tape. She was able to watch a DIY video on how to make them. If you prefer to buy a Little Mermaid VHS purse, you can buy a similar one from Etsy. I’ll share some more Little Mermaid accessories at the end of the post.

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Little Mermaid Shirt- Etsy

Mermaid Skirt- Amazon

3D Mermaid Ears- Magic Mountain Ears

Little Mermaid VHS Purse- Etsy (similar)

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing this Little Mermaid Disneybound outfit, and that it has inspired you to plan your next Ariel outfit. I love putting together these Disney outfits and accessories for you guys. I always try to include links to all the pieces to make it easy for you to shop the look! Check out more Disney outfit inspo below!

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links above are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I earn a commission if you make a purchase. I would never recommend anything that I don’t love, and the money goes to keeping up this blog. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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  1. This blog is great! I love all your outfits and that you show the links. One of the most frustrating things about disneybounding sites is that they don’t tell you how to replicate the look. Please keep them coming! Could you do a couples post next!!? That would be amazing


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