Captain America Outfit

I’ve always been such a huge fan of superheroes. When Marvel started coming out with all the Avengers movies, I truly fell in love with the series. My all-time favorite superhero definitely has to be the very first Avenger: Captain America!

Part of the reason I love Captain America so much is how he always stands up for what he believes in and defends the underdog. I couldn’t wait to put together a truly MARVELous outfit to represent my fave Avenger!

I hope you love this Captain America outfit, and it inspires you to plan your next Marvel superhero outfit!

Blue Sequin Shirt

When creating this Captain America outfit, I knew I had to stick to his typical color scheme: red, white, and blue. So I started off with this blue sequin shirt from Amazon. What I love most about this shirt is how the sequins add that extra pop to the outfit! It’s also a very versatile shirt as I have also worn it for a Snow White Disneybound outfit as well (you can check out that outfit here).

Red Skirt

The next color to add to the Captain America outfit was red. I chose this Red Skater Skirt from Marlee Mae Everyday. This skirt adds a bit of sass to the outfit and is a way to make the outfit a little more girly. Speaking of girl power, I absolutely LOVED the Captain Marvel movie. I look forward to seeing more superhero movies highlighting female superheroes!

Captain America Crossbody Bag

Now it’s time for my favorite part of this Marvel outfit: the accessories! This Captain America Crossbody Bag is a MUST when planning a Captain America outfit. This crossbody bag resembles Captain America’s iconic shield. What I love most about this bag is that it makes for a perfect accessory to any Marvel outfit! Even if you’re rocking just a Marvel t-shirt, you can still style it with this Captain America Crossbody Bag to complete the superhero look! You can purchase the bag here.

Avengers Necklace

To complete the Captain America outfit, I had to add this Avengers Necklace. The Avengers symbol is so iconic and represents our favorite group of superheroes. So I absolutely love styling this Avengers Necklace. You could also wear this necklace with any other Avengers outfit you put together, or just style it with your everyday looks! This Avengers Necklace is available here at Marlee Mae Everyday.

I hope you’ve loved this Captain America Outfit! It’s the perfect outfit to wear to Disney or Universal theme parks, where they have meet and greets with multiple Marvel Superheroes. I got to take pictures with Captain America himself. He was super flattered by my superhero outfit! 😉

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Blue Sequin Shirt: Amazon

Red Skirt: Marlee Mae Everyday

Captain America Crossbody Bag: Marlee Mae Everyday

Avengers Necklace: Marlee Mae Everyday

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