Disneyland Paris Ride and Attraction Reviews

Bonjour, my friends! I just recently got back from my first trip to Disneyland Paris, and it was even better than I imagined. I’ve gotten so used to going to Walt Disney World in Florida that it was exciting visit a new park for the very first time. For those who are unfamiliar, Disneyland Paris is made up of two parks, Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studios.

For comparison, I would say Walt Disney Studios most resembles Hollywood Studios park and Disneyland Paris is most like Magic Kingdom. Disneyland Paris has some rides that share the same name as ones at Walt Disney World, like Space Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean. While others are new rides altogether, like Crush’s Coaster and Ratatouille.

I spent one day at Disneyland Paris and visited of the both parks. I was able to experience 10 rides and attractions while I was there, and I want to rank and review all the ones that I did. So if you plan a visit to Disneyland Paris, you can know which ones to prioritize. Here are my rankings and reviews of the rides and attractions at Disneyland Paris!

10. Ratatouille: The Adventure

The last on my list is one of the most well-known rides at Disneyland Paris, the Ratatouille ride. I honestly did not expect this ride to be so low on my list! Going into my Disneyland Paris trip, the Ratatouille ride was one of the top things I was most excited for. Unfortunately, the ride was a major letdown. I REALLY wanted to love it, but it definitely fell short.

Ratatouille: The Adventure is a 4D ride that takes you through the experience of cooking with Remy (including the smells!). While in theory it sounds super fun, the ride itself was entirely too simple. It basically just took you from screen to screen watching footage from the movie as Ratatouille as Remy tries to stay hidden and cook.

Recommendation: I would still ride this if you visit Disneyland Paris just because we don’t have it in the US parks, BUT I would not wait long for it. I would either use the single rider line or grab a Fastpass so you don’t waste precious park time on this ride.

9. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril is another ride that we do not have at Walt Disney World. So I had no clue what to even expect! Unfortunately, this ride was also disappointing. Upon walking up to the ride, it’s apparent that it is a roller coaster. I expected, though, for there to be more Indiana Jones theming throughout the ride, but it is simply a roller coaster. While I love roller coasters, this one was WAY too rough. My poor head was somewhat tortured throughout the ride.

Recommendation: I would try to get a Fastpass for Big Thunder Mountain instead. Unfortunately, they were out of Big Thunder Fastpasses on my visit. So be sure to get that Fastpass early on in the day before they run out.

8. Pirates of the Caribbean

Yo ho, Yo ho a pirate’s life for me! While Walt Disney World has a Pirates of the Caribbean ride, I had heard that the one in Disneyland Paris was better. So I wanted to give it a shot! I’m happy to say that I absolutely enjoyed the ride, and that it is way better than the one in Florida. The Disneyland Paris Pirates of the Caribbean ride is much longer than the one in Walt Disney World with even more fun scenes for the boat to take you through.

Recommendation: This is a ride I would definitely add to your list, but I wouldn’t use a Fastpass on it as the line moves quickly and the wait times are less than other rides. I think I ended up waiting about 30 minutes for it. It was well worth the wait!

7. Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster

I was so happy to see that Disneyland Paris had a version of one of my favorite rides: Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. Located in the Walt Disney Studios park, the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster is VERY similar to the one at Walt Disney World in Florida (except for the fact that they were playing Korn music throughout the que. If you don’t know the band Korn, please look up one of their songs, and you’ll know why it’s so funny that it was played at Disney lol)

Recommendation: If you like the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster ride at Walt Disney World, you will like this one too. Although this one was a bit rougher (nearly all Disneyland Paris coasters seem to have that in common), I still really enjoyed it. If you love roller coasters, I would add this to your list.

6. Alice’s Curious Labyrinth

I was beyond excited to explore Alice’s Curious Labyrinth because of all the cute pictures of it I had seen on Instagram. It basically is a very large maze where you encounter different characters from Alice in Wonderland, including the Queen of Hearts and the Cheshire Cat. This was one of the most enjoyable attractions that I did at Disneyland Paris. It was so much fun wandering through the maze and not knowing what was around the next corner.

Recommendation: You should definitely add this on your list of things to see at Disneyland Paris! While there wasn’t a wait time for the maze, it does have limited hours. When I was there, it closed at 6:30 pm while the park stayed open until 8. Make sure you plan to be there before it closes for the day.

5. Hyperspace Mountain

So for those who don’t know, Space Mountain is my favorite ride at Walt Disney World. I was super excited to see that Disneyland Paris had Hyperspace Mountain. Hyperspace Mountain is essentially the same concept of Space Mountain but with a Star Wars theme. I knew I was going to like Hyperspace Mountain, but I ended up LOVING it!

Disneyland Paris Hyperspace Mountain is different than the Space Mountain at Walt Disney World because it is INTENSE!! This roller coaster goes faster and has loops too. I was left breathless and speechless, in the best way!

Recommendations: I HIGHLY recommend you adding this to your Disneyland Paris list. The wait time for this ride can get high. So I would try to get a Fastpass or use the single rider line for shorter wait times.

4. Disney Stars on Parade

I’m a sucker for Disney parades, and the one at Disneyland Paris did not disappoint! I loved the floats and songs featured in Disney Stars on Parade. Some of my favorite floats were the Lion King and Finding Nemo ones.

Recommendations: The prime spot to watch the parade is on Main Street. I would suggest getting there at least 30 minutes before to reserve the best spot. If, however, you lose track of time (like I did). I would head to It’s a Small World because the parade starts at the gate right beside it. For a secret spot with a great view, enter the It’s a Small World que and head to the far right. There’s a spot by the railing that overlooks the parade for an awesome view, and you won’t have to fight the crowds.

3. Mickey and the Magician

Mickey and the Magician is a show at Walt Disney Studios park from February 2- September 30, 2019. I hate that this show might not be sticking around because it is absolutely amazing! The story shows the journey of Mickey trying to find his magic, by getting help from many Disney friends. This is by far one of my favorite Disney shows. I LOVED the Lion King portion of the performance, with the lady who played Rafiki killing it with the vocals! What’s neat about this show is that it’s the perfect mixture of French and English. Mickey speaks in French, but it is very easy to follow the storyline.

Recommendations: You will HAVE to get there early in order to get a seat. I got there about 20 minutes before the show, and the lines were already incredibly long. I would get there at least 30 minutes before to ensure a seat. Also if you are one of the last ones coming into the theater, check to see if there are any opens seats in the front. While people were filling in the seats in the back, I noticed there were a few open seats in the front and ended up snagging a seat on the second row.

2. Crush’s Coaster

Crush’s Coaster is by far my favorite ride at Disneyland Paris. It truly lived up to the hype! During the coaster you take a ride along the East Australian Current. What makes this ride so special and unique is that the ride cart actually spins you around WHILE on the coaster! I ended up riding most of the roller coaster backwards, which is such a new experience. I love this coaster so so much!

Recommendations: If there is one ride you should add to your Disneyland Paris list, it is Crush’s Coaster. The bad part is there are no Fastpass options and the wait time stays very high. The day I went, the wait time did not get less than 60 minutes the entire day. While they offer a single rider line, that too stays long. Despite the long wait, it is 100% worth it! If you stay on site at a Disney Resort, take advantage of the extra hours in the park and make Crush’s Coaster your first stop.

1. Illuminations Show

For the number one spot on my Disneyland Paris list, we have the nighttime show Illuminations! This show takes place in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle and is my favorite show in all of Disney! If I had to try to describe it, I would say it is an amazing mixture of the World of Color show at Disney California Adventure and Happily Ever After at Magic Kingdom. It includes the castle light show, fireworks, as well as water fountains that all work together to display favorite Disney songs and movie scenes.

Recommendations: There were SO MANY people crowded together in front of the castle and down Main Street for this show. I feel like every single person in the park was there to watch it, as it takes place right at park closing. If you are wanting to get a front row spot for the show, you will need to get there like an hour before the show. If you manage to get there later, it will be hard to get a good spot to see over people. I would recommend getting to a spot by a fence and lamppost. What I did to see over everyone was step up on on fence and hold on to the lamppost… but I would just recommend getting there sooner. lol

So there you have my ranking and reviews of all the rides and attractions I experienced at Disneyland Paris. The Phantom Manor was being refurbished while I was there, and I missed out on riding Big Thunder Mountain because I didn’t get a Fastpass soon enough. I would add those to your list of attractions because I have heard great things. If you go to Disneyland Paris, I hope my ride reviews help you plan your trip. I’m sure you’ll have a great time!

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