Dark Mark Harry Potter Outfit

Hello, my wizarding friends! I’m so excited to share another Harry Potter outfit with you. I know it can sometimes be difficult to find different Wizarding World of Harry Potter outfits to wear. So I absolutely love planning these magical outfits to inspire your next Wizarding World trip.

This Dark Mark outfit is one of my favorite Harry Potter outfits that I’ve worn. First, I absolutely love how bright and bold the colors of this outfit are. If you’ve visited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter before, then you know that most of the colors are muted and aren’t that great for pictures. That’s why I love wearing bright colored Harry Potter outfits to really stand out in the Wizarding World. The second reason I love this Dark Mark outfit so much is because it’s kind of fun to walk on the dark side (if only for the pictures lol). I had fun repping the Dark Mark symbol while walking down Knockturn Alley… dodgy place! 😉

I’ve linked all the outfit pieces for you to shop and wear for your next Wizarding World of Harry Potter outfit. Enjoy!

Dark Mark Shirt

If you’ve read my other Harry Potter fashion blog posts, then you know I am obsessed with the shop Endeering Boutique. This Dark Mark shirt is from that shop, and it is so perfect for those Harry Potter fans who want to subtly show their love for the Dark Arts. What I love most about this shirt is that the Dark Mark stands out with the bright green color, but it is still small enough to make it wearable for everyday outfits. You can shop the shirt here. [Update: original shirt is sold out. I’ve linked a similar one]

Neon Green Skirt

I wanted this Dark Mark outfit to be bright and bold for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. So I decided to pair the Dark Mark shirt with this neon green skirt from Marlee Mae Everyday. I love how this skirt can be worn with so many outfits to take your look to the next level. Like I was saying before, a lot of photo spots in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter have muted grey backgrounds which is why I loved wearing this bright color to stand out and really make the pictures pop! You can shop the skirt here.

Deathly Hallows Necklace

You can’t be rocking the Dark Mark and not be obsessed with the Deathly Hallows. I love wearing this Death Hallows Necklace in my everyday life, but it really adds the finishing touch to this Dark Mark outfit. This necklace has quickly become my go-to accessory for the Wizarding World! Shop the necklace here.

Slytherin Socks

You don’t have to be sorted in the Slytherin house to rock these socks! These Slytherin socks from Rock Em Socks go perfectly with this Dark Mark outfit. I love all the cool and creepy symbols on the socks, and if you’re going to wear a Dark Mark outfit, you definitely want to go all out. If you’re looking to plan a Hogwarts house outfit, they also offer sock patterns for all the houses! Shop them here.

I hope you loved this Dark Mark outfit, and that it inspires your next Harry Potter outfit. The links to all the outfit pieces are below. Also be sure to check out my other Harry Potter fashion blog posts for more magical outfits!

Shop the Outfit

Dark Mark Shirt: Etsy

Neon Green Skirt: Amazon

Deathly Hallows Necklace: Amazon

Slytherin Socks: Rock Em Socks

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