Can Six Flags Over Georgia Compete Against Disney or Universal?

Like most of you, I enjoy going to theme parks and typically visit the bigger parks such as Disney or Universal Studios. But what about the smaller theme parks, like Six Flags? Are they even worth the trip when you’ve experienced some of the very best theme parks?

I visited Six Flags Over Georgia to find out!

Six Flags Over Georgia is located in the Atlanta area and boasts thrilling roller coasters, a water park, and my favorite part, a DC Comics theme! After spending the day exploring the park, I recognized very apparent pros and cons of visiting a smaller park, like Six Flags Over Georgia. But can it compete against Disney or Universal?

Let’s find out by taking a look at the Pros and Cons!

PRO: The DC Comics Theme

I believe theming is what makes the bigger parks like Disney and Universal so successful, and thankfully Six Flags Over Georgia excels in this department! At the park you get to feel immersed in the DC Comics universe. As a big superhero fan, I absolutely loved getting to wear my DC superhero outfits around the park. I felt ready to fight crime and take down those evil villains!

One of the best themed sections of the park is Gotham City. The rides in this section are inspired by well-known DC characters like: The Joker, Harley Quinn, and of course, Batman! For me, the highlight of Gotham City was seeing the infamous Batmobile. Batman even let me take it for a spin! Just kidding… a girl can dream, though!


There’s also a Metropolis section of the park which is home to my favorite hero, SUPERMAN! The two DC themed rides that you’ll find here are the Superman:Ultimate Flight coaster and Justice League:Battle for Metropolis. The new Justice League ride is one of the most interesting parts of the Metropolis section. Not only do you get to visit the Hall of Justice, but on this 4-D ride, you get to help take down some of the most notorious villains, like The Joker and Lex Luthor! 


PRO: So Many Roller Coasters!

Like many of you, my favorite rides tend to be roller coasters. While some people’s biggest complaint about Disney and Universal is the lack of coasters, this is definitely not a problem at Six Flags! Home to 10 coasters, Six Flags Over Georgia excels not just at their quantity of roller coasters but also at their quality! Here are my absolute favorite roller coasters at Six Flags Over Georgia.

My faves:

1. Superman: Ultimate Flight: This roller coaster will ALWAYS be my favorite out of all the parks! It’s extra thrilling because you ride the coaster the same way Superman flies, face down and head first! You feel like you’re actually flying!

2. Blue Hawk: This coaster is full of loops and corkscrews, making it one of the most exciting rides at the park. What makes it even better is that it typically has almost no wait! 

3. Mind Bender: If you visit Six Flags Over Georgia, you must ride this coaster! Not only is the wait time typically short, but this classic coaster features not one, not two, but three loops!!! The most I’ve ever seen on one coaster!  

PRO: FREE Waterpark Entry and Water Rides

While both Disney and Universal have waterparks, what makes the waterpark at Six Flags Over Georgia stand out is that it’s FREE with admission to the park! The waterpark at Six Flags, named Hurricane Harbor, is located within the park grounds, right next to Metropolis section. Since it’s located within the park itself, you have the option to explore the Six Flags rides in the morning, and then walk over to the waterpark to relax in the afternoon.

While Hurricane Harbor isn’t open during the off season, Six Flags Over Georgia still offers 3 water rides within the park: Thunder River, Log Jamboree, and Splashwater Falls. But be warned… 

You will get SOAKED on the water rides!!

On my last trip to Six Flags, I got absolutely DRENCHED on Thunder River!! I literally looked like I jumped in a pool. I was that wet! So if you’re brave enough to get on the water rides, definitely bring a change of clothes. You’ll probably want to ride them on those hot and humid days in the South!

CON: Can’t Escape The Heat!

Speaking of needing to cool off on hot and humid days, that brings us to our very first CON. You can’t escape the heat at Six Flags Over Georgia!! The ONLY way to really cool off at Six Flags is by getting on the water rides. So if you don’t feel like getting soaking wet, then unfortunately you are out of luck!

While both Disney and Universal have plenty of areas in the parks that are air-conditioned, such as indoor rides and shows, Six Flags Over Georgia is completely lacking in this area! The entire park has just 2 indoor rides and ZERO indoor shows!!

Helpful tip to beat the heat: On a hot day at the park, it’s very important to stay hydrated. I recommend purchasing a Refillable Drink Bottle! You pay a one-time flat rate of $19.99 and receive unlimited free refills for the rest of the day! I wish Disney had this option in the parks!!

CON: Lack of Entertainment Options

The absolute biggest con of Six Flags Over Georgia is the lack of entertainment options! With the bigger parks like Disney and Universal excelling in this area, this is where Six Flags fails miserably.

 For example, why can’t I meet the DC superheroes?!! The park’s DC theme is the perfect setup to meet some of your favorite crime-fighting characters. Both Universal Orlando and Disneyland have meet and greets with superheroes, and it’s one of my favorite parts! Six Flags Over Georgia missed a major opportunity with this one.

Even more shocking than not being able to meet the superheroes, is the fact that there is ONLY ONE SHOW throughout the entire park! While the bigger theme parks have daily parades, musicals, and fireworks, all Six Flags has is a Wild West Show. They use the word “show” very loosely here, because this event is composed of two cowboys fake shooting at each other. I hope I didn’t spoil the “show” for you, since that’s all it consists of (clearly I’m not bitter).

Time for the final verdict!

After evaluating the pros and cons, it’s safe to say that Six Flags Over Georgia can’t really compete with Disney or Universal. But is it still worth a visit??

I believe a trip to Six Flags is worth it ONLY IF….

You are within driving distance to the park AND you really enjoy roller coasters.

If you don’t like roller coasters, then Six Flags Over Georgia most likely wouldn’t be enjoyable for you. For those who don’t live within driving distance, I’d recommend saving your money for the bigger parks like Disney and Universal. While the rides at Six Flags are amazing, I feel like Universal Studios in Orlando offers a very similar superhero experience but with WAY more shows and indoor rides.

With that said, if you can drive to Six Flags Over Georgia and you enjoy roller coasters, I believe you will have a blast! I had an amazing time riding the rides, exploring the DC universe, and pretending I was a superhero!

I hope you enjoyed my review and found it helpful in deciding whether or not a trip to Six Flags Over Georgia is right for you!

Be sure to watch my YouTube video of my trip. Watch me get soaked under the waterfall, video record while riding the roller coasters, and dress up as my favorite DC superheroes! Click here to watch the video, and you can also shop the DC outfits that I wore to the park below.

Thanks again for following along & until next time,

Xo, Chelsey

  Batman Shirt:    

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  1. I love Six Flags!! Love coasters!! Yur page is awesome. Love your review of the park. Great job! And you’re so pretty!


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