5 Fave Disney Outfit Ideas

5 Fave Disney Outfit Ideas


I absolutely love planning different outfits to wear to Disney World! While sometimes it's nice to wear just a t-shirt and shorts to Disney, I have so much fun styling outfits with sass!

Whether it be pairing t-shirts with bright skirts or finding a cute dress to wear to the parks, this blog is going to give you all the outfit details of my 5 FAVE Disney outfits I've worn to the parks recently. In no particular order... here they are!


1. Fresh Princess of Magic Kingdom

Facetune_08-08-2018-09-04-19 2.JPG

In West Philadelphia born and raised... I don't know about you, but I LOVED the show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I'm proud to say I'm one of those people who knows every word to the theme song! When I saw that Downtown and Daycare came out with this "Fresh Princess of Magic Kingdom" shirt I freaked out!! I decided to pair the top with this cute, bright skirt from Amazon to make the perfect neon outfit inspired by the 90's. Let's bring back ALL the neon colors please.

Fresh Princess Shirt: Downtown and Daycare $25 [Use code "Fashionista" for 15% off]

Lime Green Skater Skirt: Amazon $15

2. Rainbow Disney

Facetune_07-08-2018-21-48-57 2.JPG

All things rainbow-colored are in right now, and I'm here for it! When I saw this Rainbow Spirit Jersey Dress from Marlee Mae Everyday, I HAD to have it! I paired it with these adorable 3D ears from Magic and Mice to complete the look.

Spirit Jersey Dress: Marlee Mae Everyday $32 [Use code "CHELSEY15" for 15% off]

3D Ears: Magic and Mice $25

3. To Infinity and Beyond


With the new Toy Story Land opening at Hollywood Studios, everyone needs a Toy Story-inspired outfit to wear to the parks. This Buzz Lightyear Disneybound incorporates all colors from our favorite toy and goes PERFECTLY with all the bright colors that can be found at Toy Story Land. You can read more about Toy Story Land here. 

Lime Green Skater Skirt: Amazon $15

Purple Scarf: Amazon $10

4. Alice In Wonderland


Probably my all-time favorite character to meet at Disney World is Alice! She is always absolutely hilarious from talking about putting gummy bears in her tea to shrinking down tea cups to carry in her pocket. I knew I wanted to plan an Alice in Wonderland inspired outfit for the next time I went to the parks. Not only is this Alice in Wonderland dress so cute and comfy, but the BEST part is that it's only $14! 

p.s. Alice LOVED the dress

Alice In Wonderland Dress: Amazon $14

5. Main Street Millennial 


My final fave outfit is this millennial look! Main Street Morgan came out with this Main Street Millennial shirt for all of us Disney millennials! I loved pairing this pink top with silver sequin ears and skirt. I definitely felt like a millennial princess in this outfit.

Main Street Millennial Shirt: Main Street Morgan $26 [Use code "FASHIONISTA15" for 15% off]

Silver Sequin Skirt: Amazon $29

Silver Ears: Made by me. If you'd like me to do a blog post on how to make your own ears, let me know!


I hope you enjoyed these Disney outfits, and I can't wait to share more Disney magic!


Until next time,

Xo, Chelsey

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