Cruella de Vil Disneybound Outfit

My absolute favorite outfits to wear to Disney World are disneybound outfits! For those who are unfamiliar with the term “disneybounding”, it simply means dressing up like a Disney character without having to be in full costume. For this disneybound, I wanted to channel one of my favorite Disney villains, Cruella de Vil! When I was a child I was absolutely terrified of Cruella de Vil, and even though I still despise her cruelty towards animals, I do admired her confidence and sass!

“Darling, looking good is better than being good.”

— Cruella de Vil

Let’s jump right into the outfit details!

When channeling Cruella de Vil, there were a few staple pieces that HAD to be included to embody her iconic look. The first of which is her LBD (little black dress). This is where I was able to save some money on this outfit because I just wore one I already owned. Most of you already have one and don’t have to worry about purchasing one, but if you’re in need of your own LBD I found a really cute and affordable one here.

Next, Cruella de Vil’s outfit wouldn’t be complete without her fabulous accessories. Cruella is definitely known for her fur coats, but I opted for a faux fur shawl instead. The first reason for this is that I would never wear real fur, and the second is that Florida is WAY too hot to wear a coat. The shawl that I wore came from Amazon (which you can purchase here). What I like most about this shawl is that I can actually wear it again to a nice dinner or wedding. Just call me Lizzie McGuire because I’m all about that outfit-repeating!

The next two accessories that complete her look are the red gloves and cigarette holder. These red gloves add that pop of color that the look needs. I purchased the gloves here, and I absolutely loved wearing them because it made me feel like I was going to a fancy ball or formal. lol. The cigarette holder (available here) was very affordable and completes her accessories.

But let’s not forget the most iconic part: her hair!

The ULTIMATE signature look for this Cruella de Vil disneybound outfit is hands down her black and white hair! You can buy the wig that I bought here. The second I put it on, I instantaneously felt transformed into this Disney villain. A funny behind-the-scenes moment happened when I was taking these pictures with my puppy, Ella. The moment I put on the wig she literally ran away from me! lol. Even though I’m pretty certain she’s never watched 101 Dalmatians, she definitely had good enough instincts to stay away from Cruella de Vil!

Cruella de Vil… scaring puppies and humans alike since 1961.

So there you have this Cruella de Vil disneybound outfit idea! This is not only a perfect outfit to wear to Disney World or Disneyland, but it actually makes a great Halloween outfit too!

Thanks for checking out this post, and stay tuned for more disneybound outfits!

All the Cruella de Vil outfit details:

Black and White Wig: Amazon 

Black Dress: Amazon (similar)

Red Gloves: Amazon

Faux Fur Shawl: Amazon 

Cigarette Holder: Amazon

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links above are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I earn a commission if you make a purchase. I would never recommend anything that I don’t love, and the money goes to keeping up this blog. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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