Best Photo Spots at Toy Story Land


One of my favorite parts of Toy Story Land at Disney World’s Hollywood Studios is all of the amazing details. With all of the fun colors and childhood toys coming to life, I had a blast exploring Toy Story Land and finding the best photo spots! 

Toy Story Land was absolutely amazing, everything from the food to the rides. With the theming of the land so well-done, there are many great places to take pictures. 

Most of these awesome photo spots at Toy Story Land also have Instagram accounts (which I’ve linked below). Be sure to tag them in your photos, and you might just get featured! With that said, here’s your guide to all of the fun Toy Story Land photo spots and where to find them!


Giant Woody

Located at the entrance of Toy Story Land, you’ll be greeted by your favorite cowboy, Woody! This is the place to get a picture with the Toy Story Land sign that’s made up of blocks. Because this is such a popular photo spot, there tends to be a line. So be sure to grab a pic at the beginning of the day.


Selfie with Slinky

One of the most challenging photo-ops is also one of the most fun! Getting a picture made with the Slinky Dog coaster can be tricky because of having to time it just right with the coaster, but it’s definitely worth it to have a photo with your fave dog! Where I took this picture with Slinky is located beside the first drop of the roller coaster. 

Instagram: @selfieswithslinky


Green Alien

This photo-op is located on the right side just before you get to Alien Swirling Saucers. This is one of the cutest spots because of the bright colors and the alien trying to escape the claw! 

Instagram: @toystorylandalienphotos


Buzz Lightyear

Getting a picture with this Toy Story favorite is an absolute must! You’ll find Buzz Lightyear right outside the entrance to the Alien Swirling Saucers. For more fun, you can Disneybound as the famous Buzz Lightyear, himself!


Block Wall

This is one of the most notable photo spots at Toy Story Land, the infamous Block Wall. With all of the fun colors, you’ll definitely want to grab a photo here. You can find this wall by the restrooms. Even the restrooms at Toy Story Land are Instaworthy! 

Instagram: @toystorylandblockwall


Luxo Ball

You can find this fun toy just before Woody’s Lunch Box on the left! Not only is this photo spot perfect for the all the Pixar fun, but it’s also a great location to take a large group picture!

Instagram: @toystorylandluxoball


Midway Wall

This wall gives me all the circus vibes, and I’m here for it! Be sure to take a pic with Hamm, Stinky Pete, and Wheezy aboard Toy Story Mania. This location is on the left just past the entrance to Toy Story Mania.

Instagram: @toystorylandmidwaywallpic


Popsicle Stick Wall

This fun wall is somewhat hidden by the exit of Toy Story Mania. To get there, take a left at the Luxo Ball and follow the path all the way to the end. All of the pretty pastel colors make for beautiful pictures, and there is also a popsicle bench too!

Instagram: @thepopsiclestickwall


Checkerboard Wall

Located right across from the Popsicle Stick Wall, this wall features a black and red pattern as well as a giant stack of checkers. All of the the toys and games in this land really make you feel like a kid again!

Instagrams: @toystorycheckerboardwall & @toystorylandcheckerboardwall


Crayola Box

This photo spot features a giant box of Crayons and is one of my favorite places to take a picture because of the bright pops of color! This photo-op is located on the left just before the Luxo Ball. 

There you have my favorite photo spots in Toy Story Land. If you’ve found any other fun photo spots, let me know!

Thanks for reading,

Xo, Chelsey

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  1. This is great that you posted all the places for photos!! Great job! I want my picture at all the same spots. New challenge!!


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